All our products come from the quarry at Storen and is based on a light trondhjemite of good quality.
The stone is actually a quartz-cordite because it contains feldspar, but for simplicity we use the term granite.
Known for its bright colour and good wear resistance is one of the whitest
igneous rocks in the world.

Our Products:

     Silver White - light grey, almost white stone with
evenly displayed black dots. No colour variations.

     Silver Shadow - almost white stone with black dots - but with
colour variations in the form of dark shadows and black stripes.

     Storen Basic blocks - same stone as Silver White and Silver Shadow, but sorted out because it may contain grey lines, crystal veins or other
     unwanted effects appearing in the material during production. The blocks are shaped with at least two machined sides.

     Smaller blocks for dry masonry.

     Crushed rock as chipping, gravel and larger rockery for use in gardens and parks.
     Feature stones

     Gabions - strong
wire mesh boxes filled with rockery - used to prevent water erosion in rivers, securing unstable landfills,
     architectural shaping of land, protection against noise,
protection against wind and much more.

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